Customer Comments

"We live and work in the neighborhood and visit McCoys often...Happy Hour is always good for decompressing after work, and that often leads to a great dinner."

David & Laine

"What an amazing site Xperis has designed for McCoy's Firehouse...very easy to navigate and informative. You certainly have been a busy David. I think the website should be added to the favorites poll."

Dave Brunner

"I love to make McCoys Firehouse one of my stops whenever I visit Seattle! The food is great and the service always makes me feel like a welcomed guest! I especially like to go on Thursday night for karaoke! My huband and I spent a very enjoyable evening there together. It made our trip to Seattle a memorable one. We will be sure to include a visit to McCoy's Firehouse everytime we visit Seattle!"

Mahalo, Teresa and Peter G.

Honolulu, Hawaii

"Nice job on the web site, it looks great!

I have said it before, and I will say it again, but it is the quality of the staff that keeps me going back to McCoy's. There is not a bad apple amongst them; Ingrid, Lola, Martha , Missy, Stephanie, Stevie, Tina, Scott (back in the kitchen) and anybody else I am forgetting. It's a team of friendly, interesting, and hard working people that makes McCoy's such a great place to visit!"


"I want to say how much I enjoy the great service and the wonderful and  friendly attitude that Martha displays on a daily basis.  I always look forward to going to in to McCoy's!"

Keep up the good work,
Happy Holidays!

Michael M.